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SUPREME MICROS has formulated the most advanced protocol for your IMMUNITY,LONGEVITY and PEACE of MIND.

A proprietary blend of 13 of the highest organic, vibrationally sourced mushrooms available anywhere and, in addition, baby pine needle sprouts. A supreme formula for everyone.

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Intro to Micros
How they can help anyone

Having the best product on the market is one thing…having the best community on the market takes things to a whole ‘nutha level! Get ready to make yourself at home with our active and engaged community.

Example Areas

There is much to learn from “stacking“of combining psychedelic and non- psychedelic substances.The synergy of nutritional supplements( i.e.,food,)is better combined with other high vibrational modalities and protocols.




Cognitive Function

To enhance your existing cognitive capabilities, recovery from stroke, and traumatic brain injuries, and strengthening areas if some functions are lost or decline.


It works to heal neural pathways in brains that are fatigued from depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, chronic pain, and other mental health conditions.


is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization.
Some benefits are the ability to learn new things

And more...

Benefits and or conditions that are most common reported:
Addiction to other substances
Immunity and longevity
Anti fungal.A
nti Viral
Brain and memory support
Increased focus
Enhanced creativity
Good mood
Endocrine health
Respiratory health
Better sleep
Weight management
Energy enhancer
Stamina support
Strength and endurance
Nervous system support
Lung and cardio support
Anti-oxidant rich
Arthritis and joint health
Spike protein antidote


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